Zero Gravity is a Quirk used by Ochaco Uraraka.


This Quirk gives Ochaco the ability to cause objects to float through touch. Ochaco has small pads on each tip of her fingers and anything that is touched by these pads loses its gravitational pull, effectively making the object weightless.

Through Zero Gravity, Ochaco can easily dispatch enemies by rendering them helpless in mid-air. It also allows her to wield objects that would otherwise be too heavy for her to carry and use them as potential weapons. Ochaco is also able to cancel the effects of her Quirk by closing her fingers together.

Ochaco has a limit to the amount of weight that can be nullified, which is around three tons. Continued strain will cause her to feel sick and woozy to the point of vomiting. She can also make herself float by removing her own gravitational pull, but doing so will cause her to become nauseous much quicker (though Ochaco has trained to minimize this backlash).[1] Ochaco is known to be careful with her hands, so that she doesn't accidentally activate her Quirk.

Named Techniques

  • Skill Release (解除 Kaijo?): Ochaco presses her fingertips together and makes whatever she has touched stop floating. This move is first used when she saves Izuku Midoriya from falling to death during the entrance exam.
    • Meteor Shower: Ochaco collects a large quantity of debris with her Quirk, which she then causes to fall on an opponent with Skill Release. She first used this move during her match against Katsuki Bakugo.
  • Home Run Comet (彗星ホームラン Suiseui Hōmuran?): After applying her Quirk's power of making objects weightless to some rubble and a pillar, Ochaco then uses the pillar to hit the rubble at her enemy. [2]This move is first used to distract Tenya Iida during the Battle Trial.


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External Links

  • Anti-gravity - Wikipedia article about the concept behind Ochaco's Quirk.

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