Yellow (イエロー Ierō?) is a villain and member of Team Reservoir Dogs.


Yellow is a humanoid with a large body and a leather band mask that contains a single horn pointing forward.


He seems in disbelief that he was actually able to steal a cash register, implying he did not have faith in either the plan or himself.

He does not seem to be very bright, as he took the whole counter of the store with him instead of only taking the cash register.


Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Yellow and the rest of Team Reservoir Dogs gather together in order to rob a convenience store. While Yellow does manage to steal and get away with the cash register, he and his group are attacked and disassembled by Overhaul and his group, with Yellow having his face implanted on a tire.[1]

Yellow and his comrades survive the encounter and had several of their chronic health conditions removed in the process.


  • The name "Yellow" is likely a reference to the film Reservoir Dogs, from which his group takes its name, where the members of the heist give themselves code names based on colors.


  1. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 115.

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