"Lock on with these sparkling gazes! We've come to lend a paw and help!!! Coming out of nowhere... Stingingly cute and catlike! Wild, Wild Pussycats!!!"

The Wild, Wild Pussycats in Day Two

The Wild, Wild Pussycats (ワイルドワイルドプッシーキャッツ Wairudo Wairudo Pusshīkyattsu?) or more simply known as the Pussycats are a team of pro heroes.


The Wild, Wild Pussycats are one of the four hero teams that founded the Union Affairs Office. They specialize in mountain rescue operations and are veterans in their respective field. They even own their own large forested mountain reserve. The Pussycats have twelve years of rescuing experience and expertise.[1]

Each member of the Pussycats wears their own colored version of the same hero costume. It consists of a sleeveless, collard top decorated with three straps and a bell. The Pussycats sport a large ruffled skirt, a tail, an orange belt with pockets and a silver buckle resembling a cat paw with blue pads. They wear large white cat gloves with retractable claws and boots with vertical stripes and white fur lining. They also sport communication devices designed to resemble cat ears.


The Pussycats are considered a talented group of pro heroes. Each one is credited with having saved countless lives in mountain rescue missions. Their varying quirks and experience as heroes made them the perfect choice for training young heroes from U.A. High School.[2]


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  • (To Class 1-A and Class 1-B) "Rock on with these sparkling gazes! We've come to lend a paw and help!!! We have come from... somewhere... Stingily cute and catlike! Wild, wild.. Pussycats!!!"[3]


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