"All For One" (オール・フォー・ワン Ōru Fō Wan?) is the tenth volume of of the My Hero Academia series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

Author's Notes

We finally made it to volume 10! Back in volume 1, I wrote that my top priority was creating a manga that I could enjoy. But with the anime starting and so many people involved in the enterprize now, it'd be a little irresponsible to keep prioritizing my own enjoyment, That said, all the new stuff is fun too. Maybe even more fun than when the series was starting out.

Kohei Horikoshi

Volume Summary

The League of Villains has kidnapped Bakugo, and the resulting negative publicity has thrown U.A. into a huge uproar. With the public's trust in heroes threatened, the faculty convenes to figure out what to do. But Midoriya and the students of Class 1-A have plans of their own - an operation to rescue Bakugo that could get them thrown out of school


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