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A Villain is a person who commits crime and in the process puts innocent lives at stake. There are all different types of villains in this world.


Villains started as a group of people who wanted to use their new gifts to benefit themselves instead of helping others. Unlike heroes, these people wanted to use their Quirks to commit crime and evil. According to Naomasa Tsuchauchi, in the current age, the crime rate committed by villains is quite low as a result of being pressurized by the huge amount of heroes.

A villains' group called the League of Villains led by Tomura Shigaraki attacked the USJ in an attempt to kill All Might after infiltrating U.A. and learning of All Might's whereabouts. However, the majority of the League of Villains (except for Tomura, Kurogiri and Noumu) are defeated by Class 1-A. After All Might arrives, Noumu engages All Might in battle and is defeated. Tomura and Kurogiri try to finish what Noumu started, but their attempt is thwarted by Izuku Midoriya, and the timely arrival of the U.A. Pro Heroes. Both Tomura and Kurogiri are sucked into a Black Hole created by Thirteen (However, Kurogiri creates a portal back to their hideout, teleporting themselves out of harms way). Thus, the League of Villains is defeated and the majority of the villains of the alliance (along with Noumu) are captured and detained by the police, leaving Tomura and Kurogiri as the only remnants of the League of Villains.

During U.A.'s Sports Festival, the notorious villain called Stain heavily injured Turbo Hero Ingenium, leaving him for dead. Afterwards on a rooftop, Kurogiri of the League of Villains asks Stain for a moment of his time and teleports him to the League of Villains hideout.

At the League of Villains hideout, Tomura invites Stain to join the League of Villains as his notoriety would benefit them greatly. Tomura also tells Stain what their goals are. However, Stain is not amused with Tomura's childlike attitude as well as his goals and begins arguing with him. The mysterious voice on the monitor asks Kurogiri to let Tomura and Stain continue with their meeting as Tomura's meeting with Stain (an experienced infamous villain) will stimulate Tomura's growth.

Known VillainsEdit

Solo Villains
Stain Portrait
Villian 0
League of Villains 1 Portrait
League of Villains 1 Portrait
Eight Precepts of Death Member 1
Eight Precepts of Death Member 2
Reservoir Dogs 1 Portrait
Reservoir Dogs 2 Portrait
Reservoir Dogs 3 Portrait

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