Villain Bots are combat testing robots used by U.A. High that are generally found in the Entrance Exams and in the Sports Festival.


The Villain Bots are used to create combat simulations so that the students of U.A. High will have an general idea of what fighting a villain is like.

Despite this, the Bots themselves are not very threatening and can be beaten in several ways. The 0-point Bots, however, are noticeably bigger and more dangerous than the other types.

Points System

Mach battle

Present Mic explaining the point system

Each villain defeated is worth a certain amount of points.

  • 1 Points - Easy Villains
  • 2 Points - Medium Villains
  • 3 Points - Hard Villains
  • 0 Points - Arena Traps

Arena Traps are traps scattered across the battlefield to trap people and weed out victims from getting high scores.


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