"Doesn't matter how many punks with ambition you bring along. That only increases the risks. It's far better to have a small number of experienced elites."

Dabi in "Good Evening"

The Vanguard Action Squad (開闢行動隊 Kaibyaku Kōdō Tai?) is a group of ten elite villains who are new recruits from the League of Villains. When all of the members gathered together, they launched an attack against the students of U.A. High School, also making them the main antagonists of the School Trip Arc.


After Dabi and Himiko Toga's visit to the League of Villains, a plan was formed to take down the students of U.A. High School. Both Dabi and Himiko arranged for themselves and eight others to work together for a planned attack on the students of U.A. at a campsite located in the mountain side.[1] When seven members of the squad were gathered together, they launched a surprise attack against the camp while declaring themselves as part of the League of Villains.[2]


Vanguard Action Squad
Dabi Anime Portrait Himiko Toga Anime Portrait Vanguard 2 Vanguard 1 Mag Portrait
Dabi Himiko Toga Muscular Mustard Kenji Hikiishi
Vanguard 4 Spinner Portrait.png Twice Portrait League of Villans 2 Portrait League of Villains 1 Portrait
Moonfish Shuichi Iguchi Jin Bubaigawara Atsuhiro Sako Nomu


  1. Boku no Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 72
  2. Boku no Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 73

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