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VOMIC (ヴォミック, Vomikku) adaptations of the Boku no Hero Academia manga started airing on January 11, 2015. 4 episodes of this VOMIC series have been made so far.

These "VOMIC" are voice acting, mixed with music and sound effects without animation of the manga itself.

Release DatesEdit

# Chapters Airdate
1 1 January 11, 2015
2 January 17, 2015
3 January 24, 2015
4 January 31, 2015



Trivia Edit

  • Besides Genda for All Might, the other seiyuu are mostly rookies or only starred in a few important roles.
  • Katsuki and Izuku are childhood friends, their seiyuu are co-workers.

External LinksEdit

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