"Snake Hero" Uwabami (ネークヒーロー ウワバミ Sunēku Hīrō Uwabami?) is a pro hero in My Hero Academia.


Uwabami has long, ash-brown hair, styled in curly drill-like locks which reach until her shoulders in front, and folded neatly in the back, and her eyes are blue. She also has three snakes in her head (a rattlesnake, a yellow King cobra snake, and a Japanese rat snake). Her hero outfit consists of a maroon dress with scale-like details and a black choker, and golden snake-like bracelets on her wrists.


Uwabami is a calm and polite person. She has a celebrity-like attitude and seems to take her job seriously. She's also very kind and friendly.


Field Training Arc

Both Momo and Itsuka choose Uwabami's workplace to get training at. Uwabami explains to the duo about her Hero office's work and how to earn popularity. Uwabami tells Momo and Itsuka that she has a commercial to film, asking the duo to get to know each other while she's busy.[1]

Uwabami appears in a demo commercial along with Itsuka and Momo. After saying that the demo commercial will be broadcasted as a TV commercial in a month, Uwabami decides to take Itsuka and Momo patrolling.[2]

Hideout Raid Arc

Uwabami is seen alongside the Police Force and other heroes helping rescuing the victims of the destruction caused by the fight between All Might and All for One.

Quirk and Abilities

Snake Hair: The tips of her hair are snakes that can be used through the senses. The senses allow her to locate enemies and quickly capture enemies hiding or running away. Although this quirk lacks combative ability, she strongly contributes to arresting villains.[3]

1/5 E
2/5 D
5/5 A
4/5 B
4/5 B
Uwabami's stats, according to the Official Character Book

Battles & Events



  • Uwabami is based, in name and appearance, after the character of the same name from Kōhei Horikoshi's previous work, Oumagadoki Zoo.
  • Her name comes from "uwabami" (うわばみ, 蟒蛇?), which means "giant snake".



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