Seeing as this series has been going on for awhile this might not be that relevant anymore but I'd just like to say I was never that big on calling this series the "new Naruto", for several reasons.

1. Though I can understand why some people would do that to feel the void that Naruto left after having been around so long, placing any popular series into that void seems sort of bad to Naruto if you think it can be that easily.

2. I've never really been one for hype so statements like that come off as really offputting to me.

3. I've already grown much more attached to this series than I think I ever was to Naruto. And that's not an insult against Naruto. I remember watching it as a kid and it was great and for all the talk about how shitty the war was I never thought of it like that but it took awhile for me to really get enganged with Naruto in the "can't wait for the next episode" way and I was never liked that when I was reading it weekly. But this series, after finding out about it and not really expecting much gave me a very big surprise. I like the feel, the art, the characters, and the plot and planning that you can tell goes into it.

Obviously nothing is perfect, Naruto wasn't and this series isn't and neither of any of the other series I read. However, I feel they should all be viewed on their own method. Calling something the "new X" or "old X" does a disservice to both. And let's be clear, I'm not trying to insult anyone, just putting my thoughts on why that phrasing always bothered me.

With all that being said, I'm glad how big this series is becoming and that I was fortunate enough to get into it while it was still early.

Thanks for reading.

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