• Rrmcklin

    The New Naruto?

    November 24, 2015 by Rrmcklin

    Seeing as this series has been going on for awhile this might not be that relevant anymore but I'd just like to say I was never that big on calling this series the "new Naruto", for several reasons.

    1. Though I can understand why some people would do that to feel the void that Naruto left after having been around so long, placing any popular series into that void seems sort of bad to Naruto if you think it can be that easily.

    2. I've never really been one for hype so statements like that come off as really offputting to me.

    3. I've already grown much more attached to this series than I think I ever was to Naruto. And that's not an insult against Naruto. I remember watching it as a kid and it was great and for all the talk about how shitty the…

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