In celebration of the My Hero Academia’s Season One anime finale as well as the founding of the wiki, I have decided to review it.

Premise: In the world of My Hero Academia, 80% of the population have manifested superpowers called “Quirks”. Humanity can finally enact its dream of being superheroes, using their Quirks to save the day. However, 20% of society does not have Quirks. This is unfortunate for middle schooler Izuku Midoriya, who was amongst the 20% to not have a Quirk. Regardless of having no Quirk, Izuku still dreams of becoming a Hero. One day, he meets the legendary hero All Might; this meeting will change Izuku’s life forever.

Story: My Hero Academia is set in Japan and follows Izuku Midoriya’s journey to become a Hero. Izuku attends U.A, a super hero academy, to train and become a Hero. The school setting isn’t anything new since it has been used a hundred times before, so it feels iffy to see a school setting once again. The school setting is relatable, but is used so often that we become bored of it. However, My Hero Academia at least makes use of the school setting and uses its super hero theme to show us what it is like to be in a super hero school instead of being nothing more than a generic school setting such as the battle trial; as a result, we are not really bothered or bored by the school setting presented to us. Unfortunately, we only see some of U.A’s curriculum, so it still feels that the school setting is just there, but at least My Hero Academia tries to make the school setting interesting. The story’s pacing is good most of the time, but sometimes it feels slow. Also, the use of flashbacks is sometimes unnecessary. It is still interesting and fun to watch Izuku’s journey unfold and thus the story is decent. 6/10

Characters: One of the strong points of My Hero Academia is its characters. Many characters are likable and some of them receive good development. Izuku, the main protagonist, goes from being a wimp to a more confident character and it feels natural. This character development is something you don’t see in the first season of most shonen anime, so it is a breath of fresh air to see this and as a result makes My Hero Academia good. One great aspect of Izuku’s character is his intelligence; he uses his brains most of the time instead of his brawns to figure out ways to overcome his problems; he does use his brawns, but uses them in conjunction with his intelligence to enact effective strategies and tactics. Having an intelligent character as the main protagonist is rare and refreshing, unlike most shonen anime where the main protagonist punches everything out of his way. Thus, Izuku is a likable and refreshing main protagonist.

Another character, Katsuki, had a superiority complex but by the end of the season he realizes that he isn’t the strongest and becomes less arrogant. At first, Katsuki comes across as nothing more than a bully, but he develops enough to classify him as more of a arrogant and self-conceited person rather than a generic bully. All Might is the mentor figure and it’s hard to dislike him. Ochako and Tenya, the friends of the main protagonist, are also quite likable.

The villain, Tomura Shigaraki, is not just some generic villain who wants to kill for the sake of it; he wanted to kill All Might as he believed doing so will show that Pro Heroes are no better than villains and show society that Pro Heroes are not righteous all the time; it was refreshing to see an early villain that has a goal since in most first seasons of shonen anime, the early villains are usually generic. Other characters such as Eijirou, Minoru, Tsuyu, Momo and Shouto receive spotlight and get to see their personality traits. Usually, many shonen anime only focus on its main characters, forcing many characters to become background decorations, so its nice to see that My Hero Academia focuses on its secondary characters instead of pushing them away from the spotlight.

However, the abovementioned characters only receive some spotlight and don’t get enough development and as a result, they sometimes do feel like they are background characters. Despite this, My Hero Academia shines thanks to its refreshing characters. 8/10

Art: My Hero Academia’s artwork is fantastic. Studio Bones’ high-end quality brings Kohei Horikoshi’s manga to life and fills it to the brim with vibrant colours and excellent quality. The artwork never dips in quality and even if it does, there is hardly any difference. As a result, My Hero Academia’s art is of excellent quality and as an added bonus, it is consistent. 9/10

Animation: My Hero Academia’s animation is also of high-quality thanks to Studio Bones. The battles are of great quality and there is fluidity; there is almost never any still panel. 9/10

Soundtrack and Music: The Opening and Ending is excellent and the music Bones uses it fitting. 9/10

Enjoyment: I thoroughly enjoyed My Hero Academia. In my opinion, My Hero Academia is the best anime of Spring 2016 (baring JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure). I was never bored and I am indeed going to miss waking up on Sunday mornings to watch this show. 10/10

                                                                            Final Verdict:


+  The main protagonist is well developed, intelligent and refreshing.

+  Many characters are likable and some of them receive decent development.

+  The school setting is somewhat interesting.

+  Sometimes, the pacing is good.

+  Excellent art, animation, music and soundtrack


- The super hero school setting isn’t used to its full potential.

- Many characters, although focused on, don’t receive any development.

- Most of the time, the pacing is slow.

Overall, My Hero Academia is a good, solid and intelligent battle shonen anime. However, there are still clichés here and there that hold it back from being great. These clichés and problems are a result of the thirteen episode count that prevents the My Hero Academia from blooming. Despite this, on its own, My Hero Academia feels that it has a heart and a soul and wanted to be more than just a generic anime, and it has succeeded in being more than just a generic anime.


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