Hello everyone. You can call me Blaze and as you know I am a regular user of the Boku no Hero Academia wiki. I've decided to do something different and that is why I am going to review the latest chapter of Boku no Hero Academia: Chapter 45. To be honest, I've never done an actual review of a chapter (maybe I have reviewed a chapter within a comment before) so i'm not exactly an expert on reviews. Okay, time to get started

So the latest chapter of Boku no Hero Academia, Chapter 45, is basically about Class 1-A formulating Hero names. It was fun to see everyone creating their ideal Hero name that reflects who they are. These are my thoughts on the various Hero names:

  • Tsuyu's Hero name: Froppy. At first I didn't like the name but it eventually grew on me. It's a cool name that suits Tsuyu.
  • Eijirou's Hero name: Red Riot. This is a Hero name I like as it emphasizes power and ties in well with Eijirou's manly personality.
  • Mashirao's Hero name: Tailman. I don't think its a great name at all because its too simple. Honestly, I say he should have been more creative with his Hero name like Monkey D. Mashirao or something different.
  • Momo's Hero name: Creati. Seriously, this name I found to be disappointing because it lacks creativity. If this name is supposed to be creative then I am a genius in comparison.
  • Fumikage's Hero name: Tsukuyomi. This is one of my favourite names out of all the Hero names. It suits Fumikage perfectly.
  • Shouto's Hero name...Well, Shouto has decided that his Hero name should be Shouto. It makes sense that Shouto didn't create a Hero name, I mean, even if he did, people will still see him as the Son of the Number Two Hero (but I think Shouto will eventually create a Hero name for himself). Speaking of Shouto, I was hoping we would see him speak to his mother in this chapter but it didn't come to pass, which I was slightly disappointed with but not bothered by it (we will most likely see this meeting in a flashback in the future).
  • Ochako's Hero name: Uravity. This is a creative name and as Midnight said, it is sleek and classy so it has a place as one of my favourite names.
  • Tenya's Hero name... It was originally going to be Ingenium (after his older brother asked him to carry on the torch) but Tenya couldn't bring himself to use it as he isn't ready to accept it, which is understandable because he doesn't want to take away everything his older brother did throughout his Hero career. 
  • Izuku's Hero name: Deku. This was a name that Izuku found detestable. He didn't like it at all, but along the way someone turned the meaning of the name into something positive and eventually Izuku grew to like it. Izuku choosing Deku as his Hero name shows how far Izuku has come as a character. The panel in which Izuku showed his Hero name (Izuku at the top, Katsuki on the right who is the person that gave the name and Ohako on the left who is the person that made the name positive) in my opinion was brilliantly displayed. Props to you Horikoshi.

Overall, there are some Hero names that I enjoy, many names that are decent to me and a few names that I don't like.

The ending of the chapter reveals that someone nominated Izuku and All Might is flabbergasted at the person who nominated Izuku.

The chapter was great and, like all the other chapters, it didn't leave me disappointed. I give this chapter 8/10, excellent art as always and an exciting setup.

(Comments are always welcome)

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