• Nieznajomy43

    While thinking over various Quirks I got idea on creating the most powerful Quirk (how it works, how was created, etc.), and I came out with this:

    One For All, All For One | All For All | All Might

    Basically allows to use any type of quirks (at the same time) that user know until he/she know how they works like in case of Creation, or if don't just copy it by touch like in All For One (but without the unpleasant side effects). Also allows to transfer Quirks to others through touch (All For One) and by energy projectiles. at the end allows for multiple increase power of possess Quirks (One For All)creating a user almost unkillable.

    During the battle against All For One at the moment when he was winning. All For One was trying to steal Quirk from n…

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