After a couple long weeks of hard work, I have finally caught up to the episode pages. 30 re-written summaries and like a million images later I'm ready to move on to the next phase of helping out. 

I've added a screenshots section to the infobox so anyone can see all the images from a certain episode. I've also tagged almost every picture I'm uploaded with categories. I ask that everyone follow suit with any pictures you notice haven't been categorized. If any picture is from episode one, simply add Episode 1 Images to the categories. If Izuku is featured in the picture, add Izuku Midoriya Images to the categories. 

I would like to formally request to become the head of the image department. I think I've more then proved my dedication to this site and I would like to oversee all the images that are uploaded. I think licensing and categorization should be added to the Image Policy as well. Pictures need to be properly organized just like articles. 

I plan on working each characters image galleries next. I wish to separate Manga Galleries from Anime Galleries. I will do Shoto Todoroki's image gallery first to show exactly what I plan to do. It will turn out something like this

I hope someone will help me with the manga images since I only follow the anime. Any manga pictures that have been replaced by anime images should be reuploaded. Just because they're from the manga doesn't mean they're obsolete and they should be displayed proudly in the gallery. They should also be tagged the same way as anime pictures. Chapter 1 Images, Izuku Midoriya Images etc. 

I would also like to stress the importance of licensing photos. WE DO NOT OWN THESE PICTURES. We only have to right to use them under Fair Use. Please take the extra two seconds to license your pictures using the dropdown menu and select fairuse. I even recreated the template to stress exactly what we're using the photos for. 


I will continue to rewrite and add photos to character synopsis. Bakugo, Todoroki and Kirishima are the only ones I've gotten to so far. I will eventually get to Arc pages.. but they're so long and that's such a drag. 

Fight and Event pages

I think we need to rework the fight and event pages completely. Most battles should stem from an event. Instead of Team Midoriya vs Team Todoroki having it's own page, there should be an article writing about the Cavalry Battle as a whole. I will go over this further with the admins and re-write all the fight pages up to episode 30 in the anime myself. 

Questions and Concerns

  • Why do we always capitalize Quirk? It's not like it's a pronoun.
  • What's the deal with Deatharms name? 
  • I'll update this when I remember more stuff. 

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