For anybody who's reading my name is Desmond (aka Desboy96) and quite the fan of the My Hero Academia Anime. I started editing Wikia about 6 years ago. I got my start with Beyblade and accumulated a lot of editing experience before I retired a couple of years ago. I returned to the wiki scene to join the wiki of my favorite anime, My Hero Academia. At first I was impressed with the aesthetics of the wiki, but to be honest... after further inspection I found there's a lot of work to be done. Now this isn't my attempt to take over or make my claim for admin or anything like that. I also don't mean for anyone to take this as me telling them what to do. I'd also like to avoid offending anyone. I'm simply letting you know I that I can help, I want to help, and how I plan to help.  



The very first thing I noticed when reading almost any page is that article quality leaves much to be desired. I don't mean to affend anyone because the overall effort is what really counts. However, we as a wiki represent this great manga/anime and the pages here need to read better, plain and simple. The text on most pages reads very repetitively. Paragraphs often open up with "After, etc.." or "At *location*, etc...". There are many many many run on sentences and inconsistant spelling everywhere as well. 

Image Organization 

Along with my editing skills I have accumulated a lot of photo editing experience. I have already uploaded or replaced well over a hundred images in my couple of days here. I have noticed that although we are using screenshots straight from the anime, we do not license any of them. To avoid copyright infringement, All screenshots on the wiki should be licensed under fair use and include a Fair Use rational in the area provided for a description.

Images should also be categorized. This makes it easier for users to find photos they need for pages and isolate pictures that do not belong. 


Many articles that aren't labled as stubs are almost completely empty. They vary from fight articles.. to locations.. to groups of Quirks..etc. We need to make an effort to include as much information provided in the source material in each and every page on the wiki. It seems like once the page is initially created, nobody ever bothers to edit it again. 

Outdated Infoboxes

I find it very odd that you use infobox templates that force users to edit them using only rich text. Infoboxes should include a visual editing prompt to give users an much faster way to edit them. 

Story arc infoboxes include Manga chapters but not anime episodes. 

Live Chat

Personally, I believe all wiki's with a prospering community should have a live chat. It makes it much easier for users to communicate and work together, which is exactly what this wiki needs. It will also make it easier for new users to join as well as give users a chance to get to know one another's personality and editing styles. 

What I plan to do about them 

Grammar and Article Quality

In case you haven't noticed, I have redone every episode page for season one. I re-wrote every page so it reads more smoothly and have decorated them with high resolution images. I'd like to thank whoever took the time out to write these pages in the first place, I couldn't have done it without you. I plan on continuing through the second season, but It will be some time before I can move on. I'd like to handle all the season one events, fights, episodes and character synopsis before continuing. 

I have re-written the synopsis for several characters so far up to that point. I've only completed Todoroki, Bakugo and Eijiro thus far. There are many many characters in this series so I'll have to tackle them in small groups. I would put in my registration for the Grammar department but there isn't a comment section lol. 


Katsuki Incapacitates Kurogiri

This image would be categorized as "Katsuki Bakugo Images" "Kurogiri Images" & "Episode 12 Images"

I will continue uploading high resolution images from Season One of the Anime as I have been. I will do my best to seek out all low rez or out dated manga images and replace them accordingly. With permission, I would like to organize all of these photos and create a fair use rationale for them. 

As far as season 2 goes... it's complicated. As there is no official release for season 2 as of yet, I do not own any high definition episodes. All the episodes I downloaded are only about 720 pixels wide. If I were to screenshot them from the funimation stream... then they would be watermarked. So I'm not sure what to do at this point lol...I'll figure it out. 


This is pretty straightforward. I'll add as much content as I can, just like anyone else. 


With permission I could work with administration to make these infoboxes more user friendly. I work pretty well with code, and could make new templates if neccissery. 

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