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  • Desboy96

    After a couple long weeks of hard work, I have finally caught up to the episode pages. 30 re-written summaries and like a million images later I'm ready to move on to the next phase of helping out. 

    I've added a screenshots section to the infobox so anyone can see all the images from a certain episode. I've also tagged almost every picture I'm uploaded with categories. I ask that everyone follow suit with any pictures you notice haven't been categorized. If any picture is from episode one, simply add Episode 1 Images to the categories. If Izuku is featured in the picture, add Izuku Midoriya Images to the categories. 

    I would like to formally request to become the head of the image department. I think I've more then proved my dedication to th…

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  • Desboy96

    For anybody who's reading my name is Desmond (aka Desboy96) and quite the fan of the My Hero Academia Anime. I started editing Wikia about 6 years ago. I got my start with Beyblade and accumulated a lot of editing experience before I retired a couple of years ago. I returned to the wiki scene to join the wiki of my favorite anime, My Hero Academia. At first I was impressed with the aesthetics of the wiki, but to be honest... after further inspection I found there's a lot of work to be done. Now this isn't my attempt to take over or make my claim for admin or anything like that. I also don't mean for anyone to take this as me telling them what to do. I'd also like to avoid offending anyone. I'm simply letting you know I that I can help, I w…

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