Warning, Spoilers Ahead! Only read this blog after you have already read the chapter. Link in beginning paragraph below.

Well holy hell, that was a mind-bender of a chapter. Oh, just to make clear, it is out, let me provide the link: Now, on to the review.

So we have everyone clarifying that Bakugou is indeed safe, so that wasn't a waste of time. Cut to Sensei and All Might's fight, which picks up exactly where it left off last chapter. We have the nice reveal that Shimura is actually a lady, which some people suspected but is actually a nice touch. Cue Sensei saying the usual drivel about her having no power and All Might getting quite pissed as a result. Anyone else slightly disgusted at how All Might's fist was corkscrewing into Sensei's forehead? Poor boy has enough image problems without adding any more.

So All Might gets blasted up into the sky, where a news helicopter (or at least I'm presuming that is what it is) gets a good shot of how much he is getting his butt handed to him. Gran Torino gets to him pretty quick though, while simultaneously giving him a lecture. Turns out that this was how All Might got injured all those years back, Sensei mocked his teacher enough for him to fly into a rage, and then left him with that permanent injury. Cue shots of everyone reacting to All Might's predicament (it was a news helicopter after all), including Yuuga and what I can only assume is his mother? Sister perhaps? I dunno, but I just thought the image was hilarious.

Sensei, wanting to make sure Tomura's efforts at destroying the hero world wouldn't go to waste, decides to take action, while also revealing the curious fact that he hates All Might as much as the hero hates him, having apparently had something taken away from him. Now, besides the obvious "oh, it was because he severely injured him all those years ago", I have no idea what he's driving at. He then points out there is a victim behind All Might, and that if he dodges his next attack, she'll get killed. All Might, being the big shot hero he is, tanks the shot, but at a grim cost: his true form is revealed to the world, shocking all. But as this doesn't deter All Might from being what he is, a calm in the eye of the storm, Sensei decides to tack on yet another shocker: Tomura Shigaraki is Shimura's grandchild.

This nearly destroys All Might's resolve, but the victim tearfully tells him not to lose, and everybody else jumps aboard, none of them seeming to care about his true form at all. All Might decides to keep on fighting, starting to bulk up once more.

I think this was a very good chapter, with three very interesting reveals: Shimura as a woman, All Might's true form revealed to the world, and the fact that Tomura is Shimura's grandchild. I can't wait to see how the next chapter will play out, whichever way it goes, it is certain to be entertaining. So, what did you guys think of the chapter? Sorry if this is a bit lengthy, it is my first time doing a review blog. I would rate this chapter a solid 9 out of 10.

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