Greeting fellow Boku no Hero Academia fans. Allow me to borrow your attention, for this blog post, that is somewhat unrelated to Kōhei Horikoshi's manga series.

I have recently obtained User Rights at the Hinomaru Zumou Wiki, thanks to my good friend Staw, the founder both this and the Hinomaru Zumou Wiki (as well as various others...) and would like to promote it, for new users to visit and join the wiki.

Hinomaru Zumou is a sumo manga published in Weekly Shonen Jump (the publisher of Boku no Hero Academia). Just like Boku no Hero Academia, the series appears to be a popular in Japan, always securing a high rating each week. The series is translated by Fallen Angels (Boku no Hero Academia scanlators), and despite the shortage of chapters. I would recommend it to fans of all genera's to read.

So finally I shall begin wrap this up. If anyone is interested in helping me edit the wiki, I welcome your help. And for those who are not interested, I ask that you read the series (if you haven't already), and support Fallen Angels work. Finally be sure to visit the wiki, if you haven't already.

Thank you for your time, Besty17.

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