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The U.A. Sports Festival ( (ゆう) (えい) (たい) (いく) (さい) Yūei Taiikusai?) is an annual event in which U.A. High School students from all grades and courses have the opportunity to showcase their abilities in different competitions in order to be scouted by pro heroes.[1]


In the days before Quirks, sports fans obsessed over the Olympic Games, but when powers became apart of the equation, the U.A. Sports Festival became the world's most watched sporting event. The festival takes place at U.A.'s Sports Festival Stadium, and is one of the biggest events in Japan.[1] Students from each grade and every course compete among each other in their respective age groups. The event begins with preliminary elimination rounds, those who pass moving up to compete in the main event.[2] Each stage has a teacher as chief referee, with the principal usually overseeing the senior stage.[3]

Once the festival is over, pro heroes can nominate the students they were interested in, as an expression of interest in their future potential. However, these nominations can be dropped by the time the student reaches graduation, should the hero lose interest in them.[4]

First Year Stage

During the current year in the series, the first year stage had Midnight as chief referee. Present Mic and Shota Aizawa were also present as commentators, and Cementoss oversaw the main tournament, in order to interrupt matches when necessary.[5] All Might conferred the medals to the overall winners.

Obstacle Race

  • Obstacle Race Results #1-18
  • Obstacle Race Results #1-18
  • Obstacle Race Results #1-18
  • Obstacle Race Results #1-18
  • Obstacle Race Results #1-18
  • Obstacle Race Results #1-18
  • Obstacle Race Results #1-18
  • Obstacle Race Results #1-18
  • Obstacle Race Results #1-18
  • Obstacle Race Results #1-18
  • Obstacle Race Results #1-18
  • Obstacle Race Results #1-18

The first preliminary round was the Obstacle Race. In this event, all eleven first year classes are made to run along a four kilometer long obstacle course around the Festival Stadium.[6] Participants were allowed to use their Quirk's freely to try and win, as long as they do not leave the race course. [7]

  • The first obstacle of the race was a blockade of villain robots from the Entrance Exam.[6]
  • The second obstacle was The Fall, a canyon that must be trekked across by walking along tightropes. If a student were to fall, they would be eliminated.
  • The third and final leg of the course was a Mine Field .[8]

The first forty-two students to finish the race earned the right to advance and participate in the next event: the Calvary Battle. 

Cavalry Battle

In the second event, participants were to form teams with a maximum of 4 people, and then get in a horse configuration. The objective was to earn points by swiping other teams' headbands while protecting their own. The value of a team's headband would be the sum of the points each person on the team had received based on their performance in the previous competition. The person who ranked last would be worth 5 points, and each rank above that would be worth 5 more points than the previous one, with the exception of 1st place, which was worth 10 million points.[9]

The one to wear the headband must be the rider, and they were not allowed to wear it below their neck. Should the team lose their headband or crumble as a horse configuration, they would still not be eliminated. Participants were allowed to use their Quirks, but, should they attack with the malicious intention of harming another participant, they'd be forced out of the game.[10]

Fighting Tournament

The final event is a tournament, with participants being pitted against each other in one-on-one battles. The match-ups were decided by lottery. Despite being part of the team that ranked third in the previous event, Mashirao Ojiro and Nirengeki Shoda resigned, so Ibara Shiozaki and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu took their place.

The conditions for winning a match were: knocking out the opponent, rendering them unable to move or getting them to step out of bounds/surrender. The matches were as follows: (winner in bold)

First Round Second Round Third Round Final Round
Hitoshi Shinso vs. Izuku Midoriya Izuku vs. Shoto Tenya vs. Shoto Shoto vs. Katsuki
Hanta Sero vs. Shoto Todoroki
Ibara Shiozaki vs. Denki Kaminari Tenya vs. Ibara
Tenya Iida vs. Mei Hatsume
Mina Ashido vs. Yuga Aoyama Fumikage vs. Mina Katsuki vs. Fumikage
Momo Yaoyorozu vs. Fumikage Tokoyami
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu vs. Eijiro Kirishima Katsuki vs. Eijiro
Katsuki Bakugo vs. Ochaco Uraraka

Tenya Iida withdrew from the match following an emergency situation.


Final Results

Overall top winners.

First Year Stage

Obstacle Race

Cavalry Battle

Fighting Tournament


Note: Tenya Iida withdrew from the Fighting Tournament due to the emergency situation involving his brother.


  • Suphe Minefield in the Preliminary Obstacle Course is from the movie Rambo 3.


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