"The world's an unfair place. You'll receive none of the commendations...that you might have otherwise, someone invested in protecting the peace...I can thank you!"

Tsuragamae Kenji to Izuku Midoriya, Tenya Iida and Shouto Todoroki for defeating Stain in "Climax"

Kenji Tsuragamae (面構 犬嗣 Tsuragamae Kenji?) is the Chief of the Police Force.


Kenji is a very tall man with an unusual appearance in that he possesses a highly detailed beagle's head. From the neck down, he appears to be human and wears a suit with a dalmatian like tie.


As the Chief of the Police Force, he carries himself in an official manner befitting the position, except for his "woof" tic. While he is rigid in his following of the rule of law, he is still very flexible in its enforcement, as he is willing to explain how to avoid punishment to younger heroes. He gives respect to those who have done a good job, thanking Izuku, Shouto, and Tenya for stopping Stain, even though they broke the law. He also has the habit of doing dog-related puns, acknowledging his physical appearance.


Field Training ArcEdit

At the hospital, Tsuragamae meets with the recovering Izuku, Shouto, and Tenya, alongside Gran Torino and Manual. He told them about Stain's condition and how he is being treated. He then began to tell them that, since the appearance of Quirks, the police refused to use Quirk users in the Police Force out of fear that Quirks would be used as weapons and that was why Heroes were rose up to fill that position, but only if they followed strict rules and morals, as even young heroes like them must know they aren't ready to take such roles, as they may harm others with their Quirks if they aren't with their guardian or supervisors. Even if it was the Hero Killer, it would still be considered breaking the law. As such, he tells them that they and their guardians would have to receive punishment. Furious, Shouto says that, had they done nothing, Tenya and Native would have been killed by Stain. Tsuragamae comments on Shouto's behavior. He then says that that was just his opinion as a member of the Police Force, as stated that they would have been punished, had it been an official disclosure. Since there were limited people that know the events that happened, he would hide all of this so that no one would find out about it and they could avoid the punishment, admitting that he didn't want the young Heroes to get into trouble. Tsuragamae then gave them a bow and thanked them for keeping the peace.[1]


  • Tsuragamae means facial expression.
  • His given name, Kenji, includes the character for dog.
  • Kenji might be inspired by McGruff the Crime Dog


  • (To Izuku Midoriya, Tenya Iida, and Shouto Todoroki for defeating Stain) "The world's an unfair place. You'll receive none of the commendations...that you might have otherwise, someone invested in protecting the peace...I can thank you!"[2]


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