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"See this lucky little family? Come after me and I'll snap their necks!! Got that? Stay back, heroes!!"

Trapezius Head Gear to Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady in "Rescue Training"

Trapezius Head Gear (僧帽ヘッドギア Sōbō Heddo Gia?) is a villain.


Trapezius is an enormous, muscular humanoid villain with an unusual extension from his shoulders that grows up and over his head, which gives it a hood-like appearance. His face is largely concealed within this hood, only showing round, white eyes and a large mouth.

He wears an armored half-vest with a chain over his right shoulder and cargo pants with additional plating.


Trapezius is cruel and cowardly, taking a family hostage and threatening to harm them if anyone gave chase to him. He is quick to mock his foes with his speed and brag about the apparent ease of his future getaway.


Unforeseen Simulation Joint ArcEdit

He is terrorizing a town and holding hostages, and Mount Lady and Kamui Wood are having trouble dealing with him. As he is bragging, All Might shows up from behind and uses Missouri Smash to beat him and save the hostages.[1]

Quirk and AbilitiesEdit

Strength Quirk: He possesses an unknown Quirk that gives him a fair amount of strength and speed, but it was far below that of One For All's, as Toshinori defeats him with a single blow to the back of the head.

Overall Abilities: He is assumed to be fairly powerful as both Mount Lady and Kamui Wood struggle against him, even when he is holding a hostage.


Battle Trial ArcEdit


  • He is left unnamed in the anime.


  1. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 13, Pages 1-3

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