Transform ( (へん) (しん) Henshin?) is a Quirk used by Himiko Toga.[1]

Quirk Description

Himiko can shape-shift anyone's appearance by consuming their blood.[1]

This Quirk is able to give its user the full ability to replicate another person's appearance to a perfect image of the person they are copying. The Quirk also is able to copy tiny details, and also replicate their voice.

However, this Quirk can only transform the person into a perfect replica aesthetically. The user cannot replicate their targets personality, knowledge, abilities, and other such details. These details must be discovered separately by the user if they wish to mimic their target exactly.

Additionally, the amount of time the Quirk allows one to stay transformed is proportionate to the amount of blood that is consumed. One cup of blood equates to roughly one days worth of transformation. If the blood of multiple people have been ingested in one go, this will allow the user of the Quirk to transform into any of them, without returning to her original shape.

When transforming, the user is covered by a sort of liquid-paste, which they can mold over their body into whatever shape, texture, or state of dress they want. The Quirk also allows clothes to be included in the transformation, the downside of this being that any clothes worn by Himiko before she transforms are absorbed by the new clothes that are a result of her Quirk, meaning that once Himiko cancels her transformation, the new clothes vanish as well, leaving Himiko completely naked.

So far, Himiko has copied the following people:


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