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Toshinori Yagi vs. Noumu, Kurogiri & Tomura Shigaraki is a battle fought between the Pro Hero Toshinori Yagi and Villains Noumu, Kurogiri & Tomura Shigaraki.


All Might flies in, quickly runs down the steps and defeats multiple villains within seconds. He then runs over and picks up Shouta Aizawa to move him out harms way. In a quick second, he rescues Izuku, Tsuyu & Minoru and tells them to head towards the entrance with Shouta. Shigaraki then notices All Might's speed had decreased when he was moving. Izuku then warns All Might about Noumu, but All Might says its all right.

All Might then goes to perform Carolina Smash on them, but Shigaraki tells Noumu to stop it. It doesn't affect him, so All Might starts to punch him, but nothing works. He then quickly goes behind Noumu, grabs him, and slams him on his head causing a huge explosion. Kurogiri suddenly makes a warp hole under them. All Might then starts to spit blood out of his mouth as Noumu grabs his torso from the warp hole.


Knowing the truth about All Might's injury and his gradual weakening, Izuku rushes to his aid. However, as he approaches him, Katsuki shows up and tells Izuku to get out of his way while attacking Kurogiri. Shouto and Eijirou appear shortly after, leading into All Might, Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugou, Shouto Todoroki & Eijirou Kirishima vs. Villain Alliance.


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