Toshinori Yagi vs. All For One is a battle fought between Pro Hero All Might and the Villain All For One.


All Might dives in from the sky and attacks All For One, only for his attack to be caught mid-air. All Might then rushes towards All For One who uses his combination of Quirks to knock All-Might through multiple buildings. Then there is some monologue between All For One and the League of Villains eventually resulting in their escape; Izuku's group uses this opportunity to save Katsuki and escape, leaving All Might, Gran Torino and All For One as the only ones remaining at the site. All Might then rushes forward and his attack is blocked by All For One.

He rushes towards All For One again but All For One teleports Gran Torino to intercept the blow, then uses Impact Reversal to counter All Might's hit, thus damaging both heroes in one go. All For One charges a powerful blast which is negated by All Might using a Detroit Smash. All For One then says even though they are alone now he won't let All Might fight without reserve and taunts him for placing himself under the arbitrary limitations that come with being a hero. All For One's callous attitude towards people and their lives angers All Might who slams All For One's body into the ground, damaging the helmet the villain was wearing. All For One then attempts to further anger All Might by bringing up his "Master", All For One takes advantage of All Might's anger and uses his combined Quirks to launch All-Might into the air. All For One later uses All Might's justice against him as he does not dodge the blow but blocks it in order to defend a woman stuck in the rubble behind him.

All Might's despair

All Might's despair

All Might's weakened form is then revealed on live television from the impact he took from All For One. Everyone is shocked at this reveal but All Might remains resolute and states that no matter what his form may be he will always be the Symbol of Peace and that All For One could never take that away from him. All For One then reveals that the one he has been grooming to be his successor, Tomura Shigaraki, is none other than Nana Shimura's grandson. Learning that his master's own flesh and blood is such a twisted person and has been beaten by All Might so many times, shatters All Might's spirits as All For One looks on in glee and mocks All Might, asking where his signature smile is, the one he was taught to always keep by his master. The woman in the rubble implores All Might to not give up and so does everyone else who is watching the incident. They cheer for their Symbol of Peace to win and keep going and his spirits are lifted and he focuses the remaining power of One for All into his right arm saying with resolve that heroes have a lot to protect, which is why he cannot fail. The Pro Heroes, Endeavor, Edgeshot, Kamui Woods and Tiger arrive and extract the wounded and unconscious so All-Might can use all of his power, whilst giving encouragement to All Might each in their own way. All For One uses the Quirk combination of "Locomotive Corkscrew", "Explosiveness" X4, "Muscular Enhancement" X3, "Multiplication", "Hypertrophy", "Rivet", "Airwalk" and "Bonespear".

United States Of Smash

All Might uses the United States of Smash

The two then collide, causing a giant shockwave. All Might starts to get pushed back until he remembers his master and resolves to do as she did and train his successor until he was ready. He then switches the remnants of One for All to his left arm and punches All For One's face. All For One recovers quickly and says such tricks are unlike All Might and that he has been influenced by someone. All Might switches his quirk back to his right arm and uses the punch that exhausts his powers, the "United States of Smash". All Might hits All For One directly in the side of his face with "United States of Smash" which leaves All For One unconscious and creates a giant tornado in the area as All-Might achieves a final victory over his old foe.

All Might is victorious

All Might is victorious.


All Might uses the last of his One For All "embers" and retires. As a result of All Might's retirement, new villains start to appear and as a result crime has increased. All For One is arrested and put on further life support.


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