The Depth (THE () DEPTH (デプス) Za Depusu?) is an omake chapter included in the My Hero Academia Official Character Book Ultra Archive by Kohei Horikoshi.


After the end of terms exam all the students in Class 1-A watch their matches against the teachers. Sero and Kaminari try to get Bakugo to join them in an activity but he tells them off. Bakugo is furious how they passed solely due to Izuku performing a last minute punch on All Might and saving him again while he was knocked unconscious. He then is talked to someone from behind and yells thinking its Izuku. Its Ochaco who proclaims she could tell its his "Bakugo Aura". She notes he's gotten even more angry than before and questions whats wrong, but Bakugo tells her off. She questions why he can't just try being nice to Izuku given their former friendship but Bakugo refuses to befriend a loser like him again.

Ochaco states how cool Bakugo was in their match but loses himself to his anger whenever Izuku is mentioned and states that his anger and hatred of him really is just jealousy towards his growth. Ochaco states he fears Izuku for his potential and that Bakugo constantly acts angry and spiteful to him as a way to mask his own insecurities towards him. Bakugo furiously tells her off as he does to Izuku who shows up.

Later, Ochaco feels startled for saying all that to Bakugo, while Bakugo himself is angry over what Ochaco said to him while in Midnights class.

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