Tenya Iida & Izuku Midoriya vs. Chizome Akaguro is a battle fought between Class 1-A heroes-in-training Izuku Midoriya & Tenya Iida and Villain Chizome Akaguro during the Field Training Arc in Hosu.


After Tenya's confrontation with Stain, he runs at him and kicks his leg up. Stain dodges by jumping in the air over Tenya and steps on his arm injuring it. He then proceeds to jump on his head and stab is katana in Tenya's left arm. Then tells Tenya that him and his brother are both weak and that they are weak because they are fakers. Tenya then tells Stain that his brother is splendid hero and that he gave him a dream. He then yells, "I'll kill you" and Stain tells him to save the other hero first. He then tells Tenya that his hate has taken over him and that is why he must die. While Stain lifts up his sword Tenya recalls some words of his brothers and says, "no matter what you say, you're just a criminal that hurt my brother".

Suddenly from the roof tops, Izuku Midoriya springs between that walls and using his new found power, punches Stain in the face. Izuku the says, "I came to save you Iida".


Battles goes into Tenya Iida, Izuku Midoriya & Shoto Todoroki vs. Chizome Akaguro.


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