Tensei Iida's Quirk is a variation on the Quirk Engine.


Tensei's Quirk gives him two exhaust-like engines at the end of his elbows, which he is able to use to propel himself and increase his speed at a rapid rate, similar to his brother's Quirk, except located in his elbows. He is capable of getting to very high speeds, fast enough to keep up with other Speed-Enhancement type Quirk users, and with cars.

However, Tensei has noted that his Quirk makes him very bad at making tight turns, needing him to slow down before he can reactivate his Quirk. Also, he does not have any brakes, meaning that if he crashes into walls while at top speed, it can result in him seriously injuring himself. He also needs to drink some sort of gas like drink to keep his quirk going like a car.

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