"People who find a lost child and then take him to a lost-child center...I've always thought those sorts of people were the coolest."

Tensei Iida to Tenya Iida in "Re-Ingenium"

Tensei Iida (飯田天睛 Īda Tensei?), also known as Turbo Hero Ingenium (ターボヒーロー・インゲニウム Tābo Hīrō Ingeniumu?), is the older brother of Tenya Iida and a former Pro Hero.


Outside of his hero armor Tensei looks much like his younger brother Tenya, with square features and short, black spiked hair. A differing feature is that he possesses arrow-shaped eyebrows and has a slightly longer face.

Similar to his brother, he possesses engine exhausts extruding out his body, but out of his forearms.


Compared to his younger brother, Tensei is far more laid back with an easygoing attitude. When he took up the hero mantle of his family his image for himself was that he wanted to 'be cool' and be the type of hero that helps others when they are in need. He was joyful that his younger brother admired his work as a hero as a result.

He also believes that being able to rescue people quickly is what makes a great hero, and that people want to be rescued in a hurry and value being saved quickly. He also values teamwork, believing that having a large group where everyone serves a specific purpose is the easiest way to rescue people quickly.

Although working as a Hero, he is lenient on laws. Unlike his younger brother, he doesn't scold others for using their quirk in public but instead helps them develop them. He also suggested the notion of taking on a sidekick who didn't have a Provisional Hero License which is against the law, citing that he could 'earn his qualification little by little'.


At some point before Tenya attended U.A. High, Tenya asked his older brother what motivated him to be a Hero, to which Tensei replies that he wanted to be a 'cool' type of Hero that helps others when they are in need. When Tenya speaks of his admiration for his older brother, Tensei was joyful that Tenya looks up to him and ponders that he must be a great Hero if Tenya admires him.[1]

Some time in the future, Tensei and his hero agency Team IDATEN were dispatched to the Naruhata district highway for reports of a runner-type villain whose quirk was amplified by the Trigger drug. While Tensei was initially able to catch up to the villain, he failed to match with the villain's greater range of mobility, to which the villain mockingly stated the turbo hero must stake his life on running if he wanted to catch him. The villain had effortlessly avoided Tensei's attempt to subdue him and attacked, causing Tensei to crash due to his high speed. An air bag system prevented the crash from being fatal.

Later, Tensei met with Kouichi Haimawari during a morning jog. At the time, Kouichi was fully aware of the law preventing the use of quirks in daily life, and decided to practice early in the morning to avoid authorities. Instead of arresting Kouichi, Tensei took an interest in his mobility-type quirk and even offered him advice, apparently solving one of Kouichi's biggest faults when using his quirk. Impressed by Kouichi and his quirk, Tensei happily offered him a business card to Team IDATEN, ensuring that even an unlicensed hero such as Kouichi could find a place on his team.

Later again, Tensei and Team IDATEN were tasked with capturing the runner-type villain from before, who noted Tensei to be making sharper movements. Tensei had earlier made the decision to sacrifice all safety measures of his suit (much to his team's disapproval), in order to shred as much weight as possible and match the villain in his mobility. The villain believed he had successfully convinced Tensei to foolishly risk his life to keep up with him, but Tensei made clear that he did not merely endanger himself to keep pace; instead, he kept faith that his team would keep him safe.

Tensei and his team had in reality devised a strategy in which Tensei would lure the villain into a dead-end strip of the highway, with the rest of Team IDATEN ready to apprehend the villain when he fell into their trap. While Tensei was kept safe thanks to the crash pads his team had laid out for him, the villain had avoided the trap entirely when he suddenly revealed he had wings and the ability of flight. The villain then escaped from the highway and took to an old part of the Higashi-Naruhata district, all while avoiding Team IDATEN's coordinated attempts to corner and subdue him. Tensei remarked the difficulty of the operation was due to the town's unfamiliar layout and the villain's ability to use the shadows to his advantage.

Later in the chase, Tensei and his team unexpectedly found the villain beaten and subdued, all thanks to the efforts of the vigilante Knuckleduster and The Crawler, the latter of whom was secretly Kouichi Haimawari's vigilante identity. He claimed that being used to the old district's layout made it easy to determine the villain's likely escape route.

The next morning, Tensei raced to meet with Kouichi during his morning jog in order to thank him, having recognized him from the night before. Though terrified of having his identity revealed, Tensei made the implication that vigilante's secret identity was safe with him. Tensei then requested the return of his business card, claiming that Kouichi had already found his place as "the Crawler" and respected him. Much to Kouichi's dissatisfaction, he returned the card, to which Tensei made the attempt to cheer up his jogging buddy with a friendly race. [2]


Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc

Tensei is briefly mentioned by Tenya, when talking about his family.

Sports Festival Arc

Injured Tensei

Tensei hospitalised.

Tensei is heavily injured by Stain and left for dead. However, the police found him and he is taken to the Hosu General Hospital for emergency treatment. Tensei undergoes an operation that saves his life. Afterwards, Tenya immediately barges into the room to see his older brother. Tensei, despite being weak, speaks to his younger brother, apologizing to Tenya for being unable to be the role model that Tenya sees him as.[3]

Tensei admits to Tenya that he can no longer feel any movement in his legs and says that this is probably the end for Turbo Hero Ingenium. Tenya refuses to believe this, unable to stand the idea that his brother will no longer be a Hero. Tensei tells Tenya he cannot stand the idea either and asks him to carry on the torch; use Ingenium as his Hero name.[4]

Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals

Taking place at most a year before the events of the USJ Arc, Tensei leads team IDATEN in a pursuit of a speed villain with bat wings elluding authorities. It is in the area of the chase that he befriends Kouichi Haimawari and upon first encountering him, teaches him how to use his powers to quickly stop at high speeds and gives him a business card for potentially being a sidekick. Upon finding out Kouichi is a vigilante, he requests his card back as he believes Kouichi has found a path for himself with his vigilante friends. Tensei takes Kouichi on as his jogging buddy.

Quirk and Abilities

Unknown-Named Engine Arm Quirk: Tensei's Quirk manifests in the form of engines in his forearms, allowing him to create blasts and shoot himself forward at turbo speed. He hovers a foot or so off the ground and relies on the propulsion from his arms to move at super speed, and has been seen using his quirk to move faster than cars in a chase sequence. Unlike his brother Tenya, his quirk doesn't seem to have gears and can hit Max speeds in an instant, however has stated that he finds it difficult to break and turn while moving at top speeds and compensates by installing Air-Bags in his Hero Costume. [5]


Tenya Iida

Tensei has a strong bond with his younger brother, Tenya. When he was hospitalized at Hosu General Hospital, Tensei apologized to Tenya for being unable to be the role model that he look up to. Tensei asked Tenya to take up his Hero name, Ingenium, indicating that Tensei has a great level of trust for Tenya.


Team IDATEN is a professional hero agency operating under the turbo hero, Ingenium. Tensei places great pride and trust in his team, those of whom Tensei himself has claimed are "sworn friends and teammates." Tensei's policy strongly advocates teamwork and communication, rather the class of quirk itself, allowing the team to welcome a wider range of abilities in comparison to other agencies. In the field, the team assists Tensei in various ways, including field agents, a reconnaissance team, a transport team, and even an control room with an operations team.

Kouichi Haimawari

Tensei met with Kouichi during an early morning run. Tensei was impressed with Kouichi's quirk and offered him a place in his agency, even expressing a desire for a sidekick with a fast mobility quirk. Later, when Tensei discovered Kouichi had been working as a vigilante hero, he withdrew his offer to Kouichi, but only because he believed him to be 'in the right place.'



  • (To Tenya Iida) "People who find a lost child and then take him to a lost-child center...I've always thought those sorts of people were the coolest."[6]


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