Team Tetsutetsu-0

Team Tetustetsu was a team formed by Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu before the Human Cavalry Race of the U.A. Sports Festival. .[1]


This team started with 705 points making it second only to Team Midoriya in value. This was a combination of 195,190, 165, and 155 from Ibara, Juzo, Tetsutetsu, and Awase, respectively. The moment the competition started Team Tetsutetsu attacked Team Midoriya. Team Midoriya tried to escape but Honenuki used his Softness quirk to make the ground under the rival team turn to quicksand. Team Midoriya used a jetpack aquired from Mei Hatsume to breakout of it. At point after this but, very early in the match, Team Tetsutetsu stole Mineta's headband. Ibara slide her vine up Shoji's back without any of Team Mineta noticing. Team Tetsutetsu held onto their own headband as well as Team Mineta's until right before time lapsed. Moments before the competition ending Team Shinsou stole both headbands knocking them out of the competition. However, as a result of Ojiro and Shoda forfeiting their own spots because they had no recollection of the events of the competition. As well as the fact Team Kendo also forfeited their spots because they felt Team Tetsutetsu deserved it more. Both Ibara and Tetsutetsu was able to move on.



  1. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 28

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