Team Hitoshi

Team Shinso was a team formed by Hitoshi Shinso before the Cavalry Race of the Sports Festival.[1]


Hitoshi used his quirk to forced the other members to join this team without consent. This allowed the team members to join without remembering. Because of this incident, Mashirao and Nirengeki resigned themselves from the tournament.[2] At the start of the match, this team had 295 points: 160, 80, 50, and 5 points from Ojiro, Shinso, Shida, and Aoyama respectively. They had their headband stolen early on in the competition. They then stayed under the radar until the last 20 seconds. At this point Shinso used his quirk to take Team Tetsutetsu's two Headbands they had acquired. This pushed them into 3rd place advancing their team even if not al members accepted the victory.



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