Team Rin was a team formed around Hiryu before the Human Cavalry Race of the U.A. Sports Festival.


This Team started with 125 points: 75 and 50 points from Shishida and Rin, respectively. At some point near the start of the match, Team Rin took Team Tsunotori's headband off-screen. However, in the manga, it seems as though they lost their own headband in the process and no one retrieved it. This is based on the points on the scoreboard, Throughout the majority of the match, Team Rin had 70 points. Everyone else's points are accounted for except for this team. In the anime, however, the scoreboard was changed to reflect this team having both Team Tsunotori's as well as their own. This made their total score 195. They were among the teams electrocuted by Denki Kaminari followed by being frozen to the ground by Shoto Todoroki. Todoroki then stole both their headbands eliminated them from the competition.


Hiryu Rin

Jurota Shishida