Team Monoma was a team formed around Shoto before the Human Cavalry Race of the U.A. Sports Festival.


Team Monoma is comprised of Neito MonomaKosei Tsuburaba, Sen Kaibara, and Shihai Kuroiro. They started out with 305 points: 35, 100, 105, and 65 points respectively. They start off the battle taking Team Hagakure's head band. Hagakure doesn't even realize it's missing until after he is quite a distance away.

Monoma goes on to take Bakugo's head band while he is distracted from attacking Midoriya. Monoma goes onto taunt Bakugo about how he didn't even think about how the sports festival was set up. He explains that Class 1-B held back in the obstacle course so they could observe all of Class 1-A's quirks. This gave them a huge advantage in the second event. He says that this strategy is far better than running head first to get a temporary lead. he believes only an idiot would be lead astray by such a obvious treat. He also brings up how Bakugo was attacked by the sludge villain. He tells Bakugo it must be something special about him to be attacked annually by villains and he wants to hear all about it.

This causes Bakugo to switch his attention from Midoriya to Monoma. Monoma then gets scolded by Kendou for displaying such disrespectful actions. Monoma apologizes and says it was very unheroic of him. He also doesn't want anyone to come for revenge because of his actions.

Monoma steals Bakugo's quirk and uses against him. While distracted from the explosion he steals Kirishima's quirk. He uses it to block Bakugo's counter attack. Bakugo then realizes what Monoma's quirk is. Bondo then attacks Monoma's team with cement. Monoma asks Bondo if he has come for a fight.

Kaibara then tells Monoma to just run from here on out because they have enough points.Team Bakugo was stuck to the ground by the quick hardening cement. Ashido was required to dissolve the cement so that the team could move freely again.

While stuck in place Monoma once again taunted Bakugo. Bakugo reasserts his claim of being number one. This time however, it'll not be any number one but one that will be acquired through the complete annihilation of everyone else. Team Monoma felt comfortable in their second place position with about a minute left. Bakugo then comes charging at them through the air alone.

Tsusubara then puts up an Solid Air wall to block his approach. Bakugo lands on top of it and punches through it

without using his quirk. The moment his fist breaks through he is already grabbing for Team Monoma's headbands. Bakugo steals two(305 and 360) of the three head bands pushing them up to third place. This pushes

Team Monoma down to fourth place with Team Bakugo's original 665 point head band. They decide to go completely defensive protecting the last head band no matter what. Team Bakugo then went in for the kill stealing the last headband. Monoma never thought Team Bakugo would be that aggressive to retrieve all the headbands. He greatly underestimated his opponent leading to his downfall.With only 20 seconds left in the match they did not have a chance to regain any points; kicking them out of the competition.


Neito Monoma

Kosei Tsuburaba

Sen Kaibara

Shihai Kuroiro

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