Team Mineta

Team Mineta was a team formed around Minoru before the Human Cavalry Race of the U.A. Sports Festival.


Team Mineta started out with a total of 420 points: 150, 140, 125 points from Tsuyu, Shoji, and Mineta, respectively. Team Mineta joined in on the group assault of Team Midoriya. While covered by Shoji's arm, Mineta launched a surprise attack with his balls. This adhered Midoriya to the ground. This forced Midoriya to break the jet boots given to him by Mei. At some point after this Ibara stretched her vines up Shoji's back and stole Mineta's headband. No one on Team Mineta even noticed it was gone until much later because the attack happened in all of their blindspots. After their headband had been stolen by Ibara Shiozaki, Team Mineta entered full attack mode. This involved Shoji no longer worrying about protecting Mineta and Tsuyu. He unraveled his arms ready to attack. Team Mineta was among the teams that were frozen by Shoto Todoroki followed by electrocuted by Denki Kaminari. This effectively knocked them out of the race.



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