Team Kendo was a team formed around Itsuka before the Human Cavalry Race of the U.A. Sports Festival.


This team started with 225 points: 85, 75, 45, 20 from Yanagi, Kendo, Komori, and Tokage, respectively. Towards the start of the match, they stole both Team Kodai's and Team Shinso's headbands. They gained 165 and 295 points, respectively. In the Manga, the score board incorrectly states they have 675 points. Given the point values of the headbands this number is an impossibility. This is corrected in the anime giving them a total of 685 points. This team is among several others that are first electrocuted by Denki Kaminari and then frozen by Shoto Todoroki. Shoto takes Yui Kodai's headband from them in the confusion caused by the earlier attacks. This leaves them with 520 points. Team Kendo manages to keep their remaining points until the end of the match placing them in fourth. When Mashirao Ojiro and Nirengeki Shoda forfeited due to Hitoshi Shinso manipulation depriving them of any real victory; the opportunity was given to Team Kendo to have 2 of their members continue on. They however, felt they did not deserve it as much as Team Tetsutetsu did. This was because Team Tetsutetsu was in either 2nd or 3rd place during the whole competition until the final moments.


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