Team G vs. Team C is a battle fought between Class 1-A heroes-in-training Kyoka Jiro & Denki Kaminari against Momo Yaoyorozu & Minoru Mineta during the Battle Trial Arc. The former pair (Team G) acts as the "hero team", whereas the latter pair (Team C) plays the part of the "villain team".


Much like the previous matches, the "villains" in this match chooses to protect the core directly. Team C barricades themselves in the room using Momo's Creation. Momo creates a number of metal bars that fits into door frame perfectly. Minoru, unable to contain his perversion, blatantly stares at the rear of Momo's body as she bends down to continue her work. Momo immediately returns a glare when she realizes that Minoru had been slacking off, and that he spent his time looking at her body.

Team G makes their way towards the "villains". Kyoka uses Earphone Jack to confirm the location of the other team. She does this by plugging her earlobe into the wall to listen to the sounds inside the building. She then directs Denki to discharge his electricity above them.


It is unknown how the match ends.


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