Team Bakugo vs. Team Monoma is a battle fought between Team Bakugo and Team Monoma during the Sports Festival.


No Mercy

Team Bakugo wins.

After Katsuki attacks Fumikage Tokoyami, Neito Monoma quickly grabs his bandanna and taunts him. Katsuki then yells and uses vulgar language. Neito then starts to talk about how a ladder of events would occur after the preliminaries. Eijiro then notices that Class B is starting to surround them and Seito goes on to mention that Katsuki is already famous from being the victim of the sludge accident. In a rage Katsuki then tells Eijiro that before they go about Deku, their going to send Class B to some early graves.


Team Monoma cannot participate in the tournament due to all points taken by Team Bakugo, which can participate in the tournament.


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