Team B vs. Team I is a battle fought between Class 1-A heroes-in-training Shoto Todoroki & Mezo Shoji against Mashirao Ojiro & Toru Hagakure during the Battle Trial Arc. The former pair (Team B) acts as the "hero team", whereas the latter pair (Team I) plays the part of the "villain team". The object of the battle is for the heroes to capture the payload being protected by the villains.


Mashirao stays close to the nuclear weapon to guard it. Deciding to go on the offensive against the "heroes", Toru attempts to ambush Team B with the use of her invisibility. Much to the embarrassment of Mashirao, Toru removes her remaining clothing in the same room. As Mezo enters the building, he uses Dupli-Arms to create multiple ears. He is able to discern the location of the "villains", and make known of the fact that Team I is barefoot. Unfortunately for Toru, Mezo deduces that she will ambush them.

Shoto battle trial

Shoto freezes the entire building.

The informed Shoto then demands Mezo to leave the building as he freezes the entire building. As she is making her way to the "heroes", Toru's feet become stuck to the frozen floor. Mashirao is also immobilized by the entire building freezing over. Shoto makes it to the nuclear weapon with little effort. Despite Mashirao's intent to continue fighting, he is nevertheless dissuaded by Shoto's warning - that Mashirao's skin would be ripped off if he attempts to remove his feet from the ice.


Team I was powerless against Shoto, and the latter managed to reach the nuclear weapon with relative ease all by himself. Team B is victorious in the match.