"Eat!! Eat!! Eat!! Eat!!"

Tabe in "Eight Precepts: Behind"

Soramitsu Tabe (多部空満 Tabe Soramitsu?) is one of the Eight Expendables who works for Shie Hassaikai.


Tabe Face

Tabe's unmasked face.

Tabe wears a ragged burlap mask that covers his entire head and is held by a rope knot located around his neck. The mask has two openings from were his eyes are visible and a stitched Glasgow smile.


Tabe appears to be insane. He is also always hungry and thus obsessed with eating. His Quirk and personality made it difficult for him to conform into society.

Tabe, as well as the other members of the Eight Expendables, are hopeless people who have lost his dignity and no longer see any purpose in continuing to live, thus he is completely devoted to Shie Hassaikai and is not afraid of giving away his lives for the group. He values his fellow Expendables as genuine friends due to him relating to their similar tragic past and lack of worth. This friendship proves to be very strong as he was not willing to eat Hojo despite his dedication to Chisaki and willingness to kill anyone who gets in their way.



Internship Arc

Tamaki vs Setsuno Hojo and Tabe

After Irinaka throws Sir's group in an underground hall, Tabe appears alongside Setsuno and Hojo to confront the heroes and the police-officers, Tamaki says that he'll fight them alone and declares that they're just time-eating pawns. Setsuno Tries to use his Quirk to steal the officers guns but Eraserhead stops him erasing his Quirk, Hojo pulls out his gun, but before he can use it Tamaki jumps and use his tentacles to disarm and immobilize the three at the same time, he them tell the others to go ahead and let the three to him.

Tamaki Victory

Setsuno jumps on Tamaki using the knife hiden on his mask, injuring one of his tentacles, Hojo breaks free and attacks Tamaki with his Crystallization but Tamaki defends successfully, he uses his Chimera Kraken to fight but Tabe wakes and starts to eat Tamaki's tentacles on by one, he tries to poison him with the poison on his tentacles but Setsuno uses his Quirk again to steal it. When Hojo is ready to finish Tamaki, he counterattacks and defeats all three at once.

Quirk and Abilities

Food ( Shoku?): Tabe's Quirk allows his teeth and jaws to chew and consume anything easily and his stomach to digest what he has eaten with no trouble.



Chisaki saved him and gave him a chance to have worth. Tabe has a strong respect for Chisaki and will kill anyone who gets in his leader's way, willing to risk his life for him.

Eight Expendables


  • Soramitsu's name is a homonym for the stem of the Japanese verb "to eat", "taberu". "空" "sora" means "empty", "mitsu" "満" means "full/satified". combined means hes never sated.
  • Soramitsu seems to represent a corruption of the sixth tenet of the real eight precepts of Buddhism: only eat at the proper time (that is, after sunrise, but before noon).
  • He often has his hands near his mouth. This could be a manifestation of his mental instability that is related to his quirk.


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