Stendhal is a vigilante.


Stendhal has long black hair which is tied into a ponytail. Stendhal wears black clothing which looks similar to bullet proof clothing; the clothing has six pockets of light colored pockets, three on the right side and three of the left side with two pairs of black pockets beneath them. Stendhal's most striking feature is his mask. He also has a large tongue he uses to lick blood to activate his Quirk.


Despite initially appearing to be both friendly and kind, Stendhal is quickly revealed to be a merciless serial killer who targets villains.

Stendhal believes that any who "wield power without conviction" are automatically sinners deserving of death, and uses this belief to justify his actions as heroic instead of hypocritical. That said, he is perfectly willing to work alongside villains like Quinn Hachisuka as a means to an end.

Stendhal also appears to suffer from a split-personality disorder of some kind that causes him to view his vigilante and civilian identities as two separate entities (his mental change signified by whether or not he is wearing his mask at the time).



Stendhal is first introduced when he intervenes in a battle between the vigilante known as The Crawler and the rampaging impromptu villain Akira Iwakou, saving the young vigilante's life in the process and forcing the villain to flee.

Later that day, Stendhal catches up with Iwakou, using throwing knives to stab him in several weak spots (including one of his eyes) to weaken his hardening-like Quirk before finally killing him with his sword.

Quirk and Abilities

Bloodcurdle: Stendhal has the same Quirk as Chizome Akaguro from the original Boku no Hero Academia storyline, which allows Stendhal to paralyze his opponents by ingesting their blood.

Overall Abilities: Stendhal is very skilled with bladed weapons such as swords and throwing knives.

Stendhal is physically strong as he was able to leave cuts on Akira's drug enhanced hardened body without much trouble.

Stendhal also appears to be analytical as he figured out that Akira's eyeballs were not hardened and that his hardening weakens when he loses focus, using this knowledge to effectively kill him.


  • Stendhal has an identical quirk and similar personality to the My Hero Academia villain Stain. Whether this is a coincidence, tribute, or significant plot point has yet to be revealed.

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