Sounga Kugizaki (Kugizaki Souga?) is a Impromptu Villain of the spin-off Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals.


Souga is tall and skinny young man with spiky hair, he has clenched teeths and slanted eyes. He wears a tank top with a sleeveless vest over it, jeans, leather shoes and a blouse tied around the waist.


Souga has a cruel and violent personality, he likes to humiliate and attack people.


The thugs appear

The thugs appears

Souga firsy appears whem Kouichi Haimawari bumps into him unwittingly, "spilling" his juice. Wanting to humiliate him, he asks him to apologize and kneel, but Kouichi flees. After that he and his friends enter a convenience store, and they encounters Kouichi again, he becomes angry at seeing Haimawari again and takes him outside to beat him. Kouichi isn't able to fight back because of his Quirk. later that same day, Kouichi and Pop Step meet the thugs in an alleyway, the thugs recognize her as the online idol

Souga gets knocked down

Souga gets knocked down by Knucleduster

and begin mocking her. Haimawari tries to stop them, but gets beaten again. Suddenly, Knuckleduster appears and defeats them with ease, Souga rises again and threatens to hurt Pop Step's face, but Kouichi charges at him and knocks him down, allowing Pop Step to fly above for safety. Knuckleduster punches the thug leader into the wall which knocks him out. After that, the thugs find a mysterious man that offers the them some samples of Trigger. The next day, Souga finds Kouichi and Pop Step, chasing Mario Kugutsu, and uses the Trigger sample he gave him, and attacks Kouichi. Then he is captured and arrested by Aizawa, who was on his day off.

Quirk and Abilities

Spikes: Souga can create spikes from his body, such as hands and feets. When he is under the effect of Trigger, spikes grown all over his back, head and arms, trowing himself spinning at his enemys.


  • His name is a pun having to do with his quirk, (Souga:Claws, fang)



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