Sludge Form is an unnamed Quirk possessed by the Sludge Villain.


The Quirk gives the Sludge Villain an amorphous, mud-like body, in which he is immune to most physical attacks.[1] He is apparently capable of taking control over their body of a person and their Quirk by engulfing them in his semi-liquid body, although it takes some time for him to attain full control of the victim (around 45 seconds, as he claims).

While the body is almost invunerable to any damage, the eyes are still tangable and as vunerable as a normal eye, allowing enemies to stun the sludge villain on contact. The shockwave of All Might's punch is capable of scattering his semi-liquid body and rendering him unconscious, allowing the hero to store him in a bottle.[2] In their second encounter, his mud body is split into pieces and delivered to the authorities.[3]


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