Skating is a Quirk that is used by the Three Storm and stress Brothers. It debuted in My Hero Academia: Illegals, Chapter 6.


Skating Allows it's users to glide along the ground as though they had roller skates on. When using this Quirk, the users appear to make gestures that would be akin to a rollerblader in order to pick up momentum. This ability gives them enhanced speed, which makes them far quicker than the average person. This Quirk is similar to Gliding, except it only seems to require the users to have both their feet on whatever surface they are travelling across.

It is unknown what their top speed is. However, they seem to be slowed that Kuoichi's Sliding Quirk, as he was able to very quickly catch up and overtake them.


  • This is the first, and so far only, Quirk that multiple people seem to be born with. Coincidentally, all three users of this Quirk are related and hinted to be triplets, implying that people who share a womb can inherit the same Quirk.
  • However, it is not the first Quirk that has been shown to be shared by multiple people.

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