Shoto Todoroki vs Tenya Iida is a battle fought between Class 1-A students Shoto Todoroki and Tenya Iida during the Sports Festival's fighting tournament.


As soon as the match beings, Shoto attacks Tenya with a wave of ice. Tenya dodges the attack by jumping towards Shoto. While in the air, Tenya notes that now Shoto is using his fire power and that narrows his options, concluding that his best option is finish the match quickly.

Tenya uses Recipro Burst and tries to attack Shoto with a speed-enhanced kick, but Shoto dodges his kick. Tenya quickly counters and attacks Shoto with another speed-enhanced kick which slams Shoto down onto the floor and injures him. Shoto grabs Tenya's leg, but Tenya kicks Shoto away. Tenya grabs Shoto and proceeds to try and throw Shoto out of bounds before his engine stalls.

However, along the way, Tenya realizes that there is ice in his mufflers and he slows down. Shoto mentions that he froze his mufflers when Tenya kicked him, and then freezes Tenya's entire body, rendering him unable to move.


Shoto is declared victorious and advances to the finals, while Tenya is eliminated from the tournament event.


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