Izuku Midoriya vs. Shoto Todoroki is a battle fought between  Class 1-A students, Izuku Midoriya & Shoto Todoroki, during the Sports Festival fighting tournament.


The battle starts with Izuku trying to strategize against Shoto. Shoto uses his Quirk Half-Cold Half-Hot and shoots pillars of ice towards Izuku on the ground. Izuku uses One For All on his middle finger and flicks it causing a shockwave of wind pressure that destroys Shoto's ice. Izuku then does the same thing again with his index finger to strike Shoto which hits him but Shoto creates ice behind him to prevent himself from being blown out of the ring. Shoto then uses his ice power on the ground and Izuku destroys the incoming ice using the wind pressure from his Quirk. Using the ice, Shoto creates a board of ice to get into the air with. He then uses his ice power on the ground again, knocking Izuku back and in the process causes Izuku's foot to become trapped in the ice. Shoto starts to attack the defenseless Izuku but Izuku creates another wind pressure attack which frees himself and knocks Shoto back.

Chapter 39

Shoto, noting that Izuku is in a critical position after seeing his broken fingers, decides to end the battle and launches another wave of ice. However, Izuku fires another wind pressure attack destroying the ice and shocking Shoto. Izuku then taunts Shoto. Shoto, now angry, rushes at Izuku and Izuku reacts by ducking under and punching him in the stomach, which sends him flying back. Shoto then uses his Ice-Half on the ground and Izuku jumps to dodge it. Shoto then shoots more ice at Izuku, but he destroys the ice again. Izuku then

rushes at Shoto and headbutts him in the stomach. During this time, Shoto remembers his mother's relationship with his father. As Izuku taunts him for not fighting at full power, Shoto starts experiencing the frostbite of his Quirk, causing his movements to become sloppy and allowing Izuku to attack Shoto more easily. After Izuku tells Shoto that his fire power belongs to him and not his father, Shoto activates his fire power.

Decisive clash

With Shoto's Hot-Half activated, he now declares he will become a hero and in the process his fire power heals his frostbite. In the stands, Endeavor yells about his son fulfilling his ambition. Izuku and Shouto launch themselves towards each other for one final clash. Before they could reach each other, Cementoss creates a cement wall to stop them, but they both break it using their Quirks and a great shockwave is sent through the stadium.

After the smoke clears the stadium, it is shown that Izuku was knocked back into the stadium wall past the out of bounds line.


Shoto advances to the third round

Shoto is declared the winner and gains the right to advance to the semifinals, where he faces Tenya Iida. Izuku is then taken to Chiyo Shuuzenji to get healed. It is there that All Might learns that Izuku fractured his arm and that it will possibly never heal properly.


  • The battle was ranked #1 on Watchmojo's top 10 anime tournament battles.