Shoto Todoroki vs. Hanta Sero is a battle fought between Class 1-A students, Shoto Todoroki and Hanta Sero during the U.A. Sports Festival's Fighting Tournament.


Shoto angry

Endeavor infuriates Shoto.

Shoto walks out of his waiting room and thinks about Izuku's victory over Hitoshi Shinso. He encounters his father Endeavor in the hallway and asks what he wants.

Endeavor says Shoto is acting disgracefully because he did not use his fire in the first or second event. He tells Shoto to stop rebelling and reminds him of his duty to surpass All Might. He says Shoto is different from his siblings calls his son his greatest masterpiece.

This deeply infuriates Shoto. He angrily replies to Endeavor, claiming that he will win the entire tournament without giving his father the pleasure of seeing him use his left side. Endeavor replies that even if only using his ice works in this tournament, he will eventually reach the limits of his mother's Quirk.[1]


Shoto and Hanta take the stage and Present Mic introduces them to the crowd. He announces the start of the second match of the finals and Hanta opens with a swift tape attack. He wraps tape around Shoto and tries to fling him out of bounds. As Shoto is being thrown, he apologizes and then uses his feet to freeze the ground. The ice attack quickly finds its way to Hanta, creating a burst that shakes the entire arena.

Shoto excessively freezes Hanta inside a giant wave of ice that leaves half the entire festival arena frozen. Shoto breaks free from the frozen restraints while Hanta is immobilized. Half frozen herself, Midnight asks if Hanta can move. He admits he has been frozen and Midnight declares him the winner.[1]


Initially silent and watching in awe, the crowd eventually chants nice try, commending Hanta for his effort. Shoto approaches Hanta and apologizes, admitting he went overboard. With an expression of sadness, Shoto melts Hanta from the ice prison and explains he did it because he was angry.[1]


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