Shoto Todoroki vs. Hanta Sero is a battle fought between  Class 1-A students, Shoto Todoroki & Hanta Sero, during the Sports Festival fighting tournament.


Shoto walks into the ring to meet his opponent, Hanta. Once the battle begins, Hanta wraps tape around Shoto, attempting to throw him out of the ring. Shoto, still furious about his father's speech, fiercely retaliates by creating a Giant Ice Wall, a humongous pillar of ice that freezes most of Hanta's body and in the process, freezes and shatters his tape, freeing Shoto. Hanta is unable to move and, as a result, Shoto is declared the winner, thus moving on to the next round. Shoto goes to the immobilized Hanta and apologizes for overdoing it, saying that he was just aggravated. He then uses his fire to melt the ice off Hanta.


Shoto Todorki wins the fight with Hanta out of bounds. He participates in the next round of the sports festival.


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