Shoto Todoroki & Momo Yaoyorozu vs. Shota Aizawa is a battle fought between Class 1-A Heroes Shoto Todoroki & Momo Yaoyorozu vs. Shota Aizawa during the End of Term Test Arc in the Replica City-District.


First off, Eraserhead squats the telephone pole, searching for Momo and Shoto. Then, Shoto orders Momo to create small objects to indicate Eraserhead's presence; furthermore, Shoto mentions his plan to Momo. Momo tightens her eyebrows and mouth because she is concerned.[1]

As Momo creates the objects resembling herself, Shoto questions about the objects. Momo replies that the objects are Matryoshka Russian dolls. Also, Shoto mentions Momo to yell if her quirk starts to act differently. Momo somberly replies Shoto's quick judgement, but Shoto says that this is normal. Momo replies that even though they are recommended students, she did not show her practical skills well. She further explains that Shoto's leadership made the team win, but she herself got beaten by Fumikage.

Shoto notices that Momo stops creating dolls, and he sees Eraserhead's presence. As Eraserhead comes closer using capturing weapon to hold from the telephone pole wire to Shoto, Shoto throws his right arm towards the Capturing Weapon, but Shoto misses. Then, Shoto tells Momo to run away from Eraserhead as Shoto is restrained by Eraserhead. Eraserhead replies that this is fine for him since Eraserhead considers Shoto as the offense of the team. Shoto comments how the capturing weapon will not hold himself; however, Eraserhead backfires Shoto's statement with caltrops underneath Shoto. Shoto commented how Eraserhead makes a vicious counterattack and is a ninja. Eraserhead said how Shoto makes most of the plan and did not listen to Momo's words, and Shoto notices that he forgets to ask Momo about the strategy.

Momo tries to find the exit gate and starts to over-questioned herself. Momo questions herself about running away, so Eraserhead notices Momo's lack of confidence after Sports Festival. Then, when Eraserhead uses the capturing weapon towards Momo, Momo makes a large cord wheel and notices no nullification from Eraserhead's quirk. Then, she hurries towards Shoto, and Eraserhead compares her insecure thoughts to a fifteen year old's heart. Eraserhead thinks that giving confidence to Momo is the role of a villain.

While Shoto thinks Momo holding back something, Momo apologizes Shoto, but Shoto warns that Eraserhead was coming. As Momo hesitates, Shoto asks and apologizes Momo about her plan. Momo worries that Shoto's strategy did not work, but Shoto tells Momo to do her plan. Then, Shoto states that he voted Momo for the class president. Eraserhead jumps and charges towards Momo; however, she throw the dolls as stun grenades and tells Shoto to close his eyes. A flash explosion occurs, so Momo hurries to untie the capturing weapon and releases Shoto. Momo shouts that she has a plan against Eraserhead, so Eraserhead smirks, exposing his right eye.[2]

When Shoto asks about Momo's plan, Momo states that she has her idea from the beginning of the battle. Then, Shoto says "Great" and told her to hurry. Meanwhile, Eraserhead thinks about his weaknesses and the need for longer breaks. As Eraserhead securs his googles on his eyes, he thinks that Momo discovering his weakness meant more power to her. Then, Eraserhead throws the capturing weapon from his left hand towards Momo and Shoto, but Momo and Shoto dodge the attack. As Shoto stretches his left arm upward, Eraserhead nullified Shoto's quirk. Then, Momo tells Shoto and herself to hide from Eraserhead.

Momo tells Shoto that Eraserhead's quirk is not dependable lately, so Shoto adds the point by mentioning Eraserhead's injury from Unforeseen Simulation Joint. Then, Momo claims, "Not really!" and further explains that they need to get out from Eraserhead's line of sight. Also, Momo claims that they have little time, so Shoto thinks about time. Then, Shoto questions about hiding without quirks, but Momo states to follow her plan and orders Shoto to create ice.

As Eraserhead vigorously throws capturing weapon towards Shoto and Momo, Shoto thinks about Momo's plan. Shoto also thinks about Momo's advice about an opening; furthermore, Momo previously claims when Eraserhead blinks, Shoto can use his ice powers. Then, as Shoto thinks Eraserhead immediately cut off the capturing weapon using a large knife, and Eraserhead claims that Shoto and Momo are waiting for this move and mentions their exploitation on Eraserhead's weakness.

Now, Shoto mentions blocking Eraserhead's quirk; he tells Momo to explain her plan while he releases fire for heating himself. Shoto appalls when Momo creates an item from her chest, so he looks away from her. Then, he questions if the object was Eraserhead's weapon. Momo replies, "Yes," and because she cannot fully replicate the capturing weapon, she makes into her version. She also explains that she wants to minimize property damage and comments on capturing weapon. She concludes that this quick plan is better than running away, and Shoto has no complaints.

Eraserhead squats and waits for Shoto and Momo's move. Then, he sees Shoto and Momo running away with dark cloths covering them, so Eraserhead goes behind them. As he ties up two cloths, he discovers that he only grabs the mannequins. Exposing the mannequin of Momo's arms, Momo is beneath the mannequins, so she tried creating an object. In contrast, this fails, and Eraserhead notices a catapult.

As Eraserhead jumpes away from Momo and the catapult, Momo throw her version of capturing weapon towards Eraserhead. Eraserhead is caught in Momo's trap, so Momo grabs the cloth, asking Shoto to blast fire. Eraserhead thinks that the fire will not hit him; however, Momo mentions Momo and Shoto's plan and reveals nitinol alloy about its properties. Momo further states when nitinol alloy heats up, it is back to its original form for a limited time. She concludes that it is a shape-memory alloy. Because Eraserhead is caught with the alloys, he concludes that this is not a bad plan. Later, Momo and Shoto places handcuffs on Eraserhead's hands, passing the test.


Shoto mentions that the plan worked out well; however, Momo claims that she messed up on using the catapult. She notices that Eraserhead backed off rather than defending against the catapult. Also, Momo thought that Eraserhead purposely took a hit so that her strategy would work. Then, Eraserhead states that he has to be on guard against Shoto because Eraserhead could see Momo, but not Shoto underneath that cloth. Eraserhead claims that backing off was his best strategy, and her plan worked well. Shoto says that Momo needs a little time and thanked her. As Momo blushed, covering her right hand on her face, Shoto thinks about Momo vomiting and using pressure point on her instep; however, Momo denies the problem. Shota, then, closes his eyes away, and Recovery Girl announces Shoto and Momo as the first team to pass the test.[3]


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