Shota Aizawa vs. Central Plaza Villains is a battle fought between the Pro Hero Shota Aizawa and a squad made up of villains located in the Central Plaza of the Unforeseen Simulation Joint


Shota jumps down the steps towards the Firing Squad and uses his Capturing Weapon to knock 2 of the villains into each other. One of the villains notices that their weapon is not firing and that Shota is "Eraserhead", a hero that can erases Quirks. One of villains asks him if he can erase mutant shapes. Shota responds by saying,"Nope, no can do" and punches him in the face. He then tells him, it only works on Emitter-Class and Transformation-Class Quirks.


Shota continues to fight them in close quarters combat because its his specialty. Shigaraki Tomura then says that it is a pain to fight Pro Heroes and that if they were not organized, they would lose the fight.


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