Shota Aizawa vs. Tomura Shigaraki is a battle fought between Pro HeroShota Aizawa and VillainTomura Shigaraki.


Eraserhead begins his assault on Shigaraki by trying to wrap him up in his Capturing Weapon. While, moving Shiragaki starts counting down by seconds and grabs the capturing weapons. Eraserhead asks him if he is the favorite, while Shigaraki continues to count down.

Once the countdown reaches, 17 seconds, Eraserhead punches Shiragaki in the stomach. Shigaraki then explains that he noticed Shota's hair falls in front of his eyes every time he finishes an action and that the intervals are getting shorter every time. He then grabs Shota's elbow and breaks it with one of his hands and warns Eraserhead not to bite off more than he can chew. Eraserhead punches him away and jumps back.

Shigaraki then says that Shota's Quirk isn't meant to be used on a mass amount of time and asks isn't his specialty, "short-length sneak attacks". He then wonders if the true reason Eraserhead jumped into battle was to give his students some peace of mind. Shiragaki then says he's not the favorite here, while Nomu appears behind Eraserhead's back.


Nomu appears behind Eraserhead and pins him on the ground, from where he is unable move. Moments later, Izuku, Mineta and Tsuyu arrive at the scene of the battle, only to find their teacher grievously injured. Shocked, the three students realize they had seen nothing of the world of villains and pros yet. 


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