Shota Aizawa vs. Dabi is a battle fought between Pro Hero Shota Aizawa and Villain Dabi.


While the other villains target the students and the Pussycats, Dabi aims for Shota Aizawa. Dabi surprises Shota at the facility and quickly takes him out with a fire attack from behind.[8] Shota dodged the attack and, after a quick battle, proceeded to capture and tie up Dabi. As Shota starts interrogating him and threatens him with further torture, having already broken one arm, Dabi's body suddenly becomes liquid and Shota's Capturing Weapon slides through him, before he completely dissolves. Somewhere in the forest, Dabi questions how weak he is, since the clone failed and the fight ended quickly; Twice rebuffs Dabi's claim. Dabi orders Twice to make two clones of him so that he can resume his fight, and Twice complies.[1]

As Shota and Kouta reach the facility, Shota defeats a second double of Dabi.[2]


Dabi's clones only manage to distract Shota long enough to capture Katsuki.


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